Tile Supplier in Idaho Falls, ID

Home improvement jobs can feel like an uphill battle, even more so when you don’t have the right materials for the job. Residents of Idaho Falls, ID, know they can turn to our team at Tile Trends for all of their tile needs.


Here at Tile Trends, our staff has decades of experience installing and repairing tile. Ranging from walls, floors, and backsplashes to showers, outdoor areas, and offices, we’ve done it all through the years. Whether you’re a contractor or homeowner, when you choose to work with high-quality materials, you will almost always receive professional results.


You’ve done it—you’ve finally laid that beautiful ceramic tile in your kitchen, hallway, and half bath. It's only taken you 3 weekends and a bit of your sanity, but as a DIY homeowner you know it was worth it. However, after just a few days, you start noticing wear and tear, scratches, and even possibly cracks. That's because you used tile rated PEI-1 when you should’ve selected a PEI-3 or PEI-4. If you had bought your tile from our family owned and operated shop, we would have been able to guide you to the correct type of glaze for your porcelain or ceramic tile needs.

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When you choose us at Tile Trends for any of your  floor, bathroom or kitchen tile needs. Stop into our showroom or give us a call to learn more about the products we carry or for a quote for your project.
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